Modern, convenient dentistry at your business location.

Healthy Patient Care

A Healthy Team is a Happy Team

D4 partners with companies to save their employees time and hassle, and to help reduce the distractions of untreated pain and discomfort.

We customize each dental practice to integrate with and enhance your existing benefits and wellness programs.

Together, let’s enable your team to be more present, productive and confident.

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Health & Wellness

Research and evidence-based practice have demonstrated the link between oral disease and many overall health issues. But, oral disease is preventable, so let’s stop it before it starts!

More Present

Reduce time spent away from work.

More Focused

Reduce distraction from untreated pain and discomfort.

Preventive Care

Reduce the cost of avoidable specialist and ER visits due to unidentified or untreated issues.

Work-Life Balance

People are looking for balance in an increasingly hectic world. D4 simplifies taking care of your oral health, saves time, and makes employees and prospective employees happier.

Measurable Outcomes

D4 can track and report metrics to demonstrate adoption, success, ROI and VOI.

How It Works

  • Contact D4 for a quick consultation over the phone.

  • Let us know what success looks like to you. Is a built-to-suite dental practice right for your company? Or is a temporary, pop-up clinic a better fit?

  • D4 will then design and build your custom dental solution.

  • Working together with your benefits, wellness and recruiting teams, we will roll out and integrate oral healthcare with your company.

  • Watch your team become healthier, happier and more present.

  • D4 will share data with you about the success of the program, health and outcomes of your team members.*

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How It Works

*Subject to Protected Health Information restrictions. Patient specific information is not shared with the employer.

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